Abandon Experience Virtual

is an experience where people like you explore life purpose more deeply and discover more about themselves than ever before. In an online environment where life coaching, online lessons, and incredible life tools collide, this virtual experience was created for Christians looking for a little something new in their life that's God-inspired, purpose-focused, and unique.




Sign in to the online portal, watch the weekly videos, and get access to a multitude of customized tools and resources - it’s as simple as that! You’ll be going through the exclusive Purpose curriculum covering various topics related to faith, God’s purpose for your life, how to abandon the things that limit you, and more. The Purpose curriculum has 8 weeks worth of life-changing content, but for those of you who are overachievers, you can even get through the experience in as little as 4 weeks. Imagine  - having the road map to your purpose in as little as a month.



You. Me. Your neighbor. Your best friend. This online experience was created for anyone looking to discover their purpose. So whether you’re a 20-something, a single parent, an empty-nester - you get the idea - this is for you. Oh, and the only other criteria? That you have the real desire to know your purpose, and have the faith and courage to actually pursue it when you’re done! The Purpose curriculum has changed lives, and if you commit to it - it will change yours too, no matter who you are.



This experience - and our Purpose curriculum - is unique in that combines the intelligence of psychology, the principles of coaching, the compassion of mentoring, and the foundations of Christianity. It’s relatable yet honest. It’s easy to understand yet multi-faceted.

And to top it all off, we add an incredible online community to the mix, here to go through this experience and life in general with you. There will be people who’ve gone through this experience already, ready to answer big and small questions, and then there will be people right there with you in the process.



You’re ready to start the process if: you are open to big change in your life; you’re ready to get quality coaching to learn new things about yourself; you’re ready to take your faith to the next level; you’re ready to understand God’s calling on your life! Simply signup below, and we’ll send you access via email within 24 hours. Everything offered in this course - coaching, mentoring, resources, the growing and authentic community - would normally be valued at more than $4K. But, we wanted to create a smart, economic solution to answer a really big question that most people have about their life. And, we’re a nonprofit after all. That’s why you can try out the Abandon Experience Virtual for only $3 (Have you noticed three is kind of our number?). After the 7-day trial and getting access to a quarter of the Purpose curriculum, it’s only $99. That's 80% less than most other coaching programs or accredited online courses. Because we’re dedicated to helping you, and as many people as possible, invest in God's purpose for their life!


Your Biggest Takeaways:


Explore. Grow. Abandon. Pursue. What we’ve mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg, but here’s a breakdown of the key things you walk away with through this experience:

  • 30+ videos, with 250+ minutes worth of inspiring and challenging coaching
  • 30+ pages of printable worksheets, readings, tools, activities surrounding purpose
  • Useful and proven processes and tools to battle those things you need to abandon
  • A new perspective on what purpose is, means, and why we chase it
  • Clarity on God's purpose(s) for YOUR life specifically
  • An incredibly deep understanding of your personality and who you really are
  • An incredibly deep understanding of your spiritual gifts
  • A real and customized game plan for how you can start pursuing it all!
  • An inspiring, authentic community online, going through the same process
  • Deep, faith-based intellectual discussion and reflection within the community,
  • And so much more.

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