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Call us crazy. At one point or another the people at Three to Abandon woke up and were finally ready to take the millennial generation seriously; to take a chance on their hopes, dreams, and their entirely different way of thinking.

We could see them trying to break through, or maybe just break, the world's expectations of them, but we knew some things had to change. What was holding them back from being the true "game changers" they were thought to be? The ones who were supposed to help completely reshape the world? The answer: three small words that carry a lot of baggage... doubt, insecurity, and fear.

What could the next generation of leaders do if they abandoned these things? What could they do if they let these specific human emotions go and discovered the purpose that was meant for them? That's what this experiment is intended to uncover, using an approach inspired by Jesus' time on earth through mentorship, discipleship, missions, challenging the world, challenging self, leading and loving.

So the question remains: can a group of millennials ultimately discover their life purpose and begin to restore love to American culture by abandoning three things?

Time will tell, along with less than 133 candidates in 2019. We believe in this.

The need to understand life purpose was a recurring theme not just limited to people pursuing the great commission or even just to Christians. The search for purpose, as you may guess, is astonishingly pervasive across the millennial generation, generations before and after it, across all races and ethnicities, for both men and women.

And even if someone eventually discovers their purpose, will the three things that limit all humanity - doubt, insecurity, and fear - hold them back from actually pursuing it?

Will they have the tools to abandon those three things (and more) in order to chase what God has for them?  Without real mentorship or community or truth, probably not. 

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
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Where psychology, coaching, mentoring and Christianity collide

The process unfolds during a 5-day trip somewhere unique and private in the U.S., in what we call The Abandon Experience.

Pursuing purpose is a balance of abandoning self, and embracing self  (*Mark 8:35, Romans 12:4-8).  So that's exactly what we focus on, using an exclusive and highly researched Purpose Curriculum. It is biblically-based, developed using modern psychology and coaching techniques, and we're there to mentor and disciple the community through the entire process!

The Abandon Experience is limited to U.S. and Canadian residents only, ages 20-40, and people interested in the trip must first apply to be chosen. The application process for the trips isn't about exclusivity, but about really understanding each individual, in order to strategically group people together for the few trips we have each year! 

Sound Interesting? Apply below.

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Finding and supplying the purpose we all seek is really a spiritual journeyIt goes beyond a career. It looks past the world's definition of purpose. It involves Jesus. Imagine the impact of a generation who is confident in how they fit into the body of Christ. Imagine the impact of a generation where everyone was doing what they were truly made for. This is the dream we're committed to.

VISION:  a world where everyone is fearlessly pursuing their God-given purpose.

MISSION:  to mentor, coach and create experiences that help humanity abandon the things that limit them, understand how they're uniquely made, and unearth their life's purpose.

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“I am so much stronger than I was before this journey. I truly have a clearer picture [of my purpose] than I did before.”
— Brandi
I feel more equipped to overcome my doubts, and I feel secure in accepting the areas in which God wants to grow me!
— Jess
It really kickstarted a process of learning and understanding myself
— Edmond
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We continue to grow our community, reinventing what it means to have authentic, close relationships with people who even live hundreds of miles away. The people who've done an Abandon Experience have truly found a new sense of family, and often say it's one of the most incredible parts of their journey to purpose. Visit our full community page to get a glimpse of our leaders, volunteers, participants, and check out some of the real moments our community has captured since we started in 2015.





Abandon with us, discover your own purpose.






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