In 2015, sitting in small office spaces and coffee shops, the founders of Three to Abandon were working on a project for another non-profit. Ideas were pitched, surveys were tallied, information was dissected, but one strange detail stood out among it all; we found that some adults often came back feeling aimless and purposeless after following the command to serve in various ways. At the time it made no sense at all. Why were believers left feeling lost after they came back from serving incredible people in incredible places for an incredible calling? Because they just didn't understand how it was supposed to fit into the big picture of their life. More research showed the need to understand life purpose was a recurring theme not just limited to people pursuing the great commission or even just to Christians. It's is astonishingly pervasive across the millennial generation and generations before and after it.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people search Google for answers surrounding their life purpose.


While everyone may be searching for purpose, the Millennial generation is the most expressive and bold about trying to find it. They're on a quest for something greater and they're demanding more from everyone in order to find it: from their work, from their products, from the world, from themselves. Has this unrelenting pursuit of purpose been the root of the generation's perceived indecision, lack of commitment, need for feedback, and tireless ambition? Even if they get a glimpse of their purpose, will they be able to abandon the three things that limit all of humanity -  doubt, insecurity and fear -  in order to pursue it? 

Millennials will have a dozen or more jobs prior to age 30
— Business News Daily
They don’t know what they are striving for...
— Fast Company
Sense of purpose is a key factor in their satisfaction
— Harvard Business Review

Truth? Pursuing purpose is a balance between abandoning self and embracing self.*

*Mark 8:35, Romans 12:4-8


While Fast Company, Harvard and the rest of the corporate world is catching on to what Millennials desire and who they are, we believe they're only scratching surface. Finding and supplying the purpose they seek is really a spiritual journey. It goes beyond a career. It looks past the world's definition of purpose.  It involves Jesus. Imagine the impact of a generation who is confident in how they fit into the body of Christ. Imagine the impact of a generation where everyone was doing what they were truly made for. This is the dream we're committed to.

VISION:  A  world where everyone is fearlessly pursuing their God-given purpose.  MISSION:  To mentor, coach and create experiences that help people abandon the things that limit them, understand how they're uniquely made, and unearth their life's purpose.


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