David Green


Business man by background and entrepreneur by heart, David spent most of his corporate career in sales and technology. But prior to and during those years, God was putting together a story some may call crazy, colorful, or worth writing a book for...

Intelligent but lost, David started his adulthood with drug and alcohol addiction at age 18. Always fighting the system, there were times he doubted his actions had any purpose or relevance.

After going through life at the speed of light, literally still wasted, David woke up one morning and admitted he couldn't do it anymore. So while watching the travel channel (yes, God can use any medium) David saw the Joshua Tree National Park. He felt called to be there. Standing in the vastness of the desert, he heard "be still and know that I am God." Tears streaming, alone across the barren land, David made a commitment to change. For the next half a year, the Pacific Crest Trail called his name and he built his faith. And from there, he started to understand his purpose was to simply help others. 

Jump forward a few years later and David has since been passionate about spreading the gospel and helping locals while living in South America. He's also been the COO of a major non-profit and an Operations Director for a Christian non-profit. Through all of this, God has allowed him to see that the great commandment and the great commission can be accomplished at the same time, and that it should. Knowing today's generation resonates with this, a fire burns within his heart to deeply invest in them.

A special thanks goes out to David's family, the people who remain by his side in chasing God's will:  his awesome wife, Debbie, and his adorable daughter Emily. Guiding verse:  Isaiah 48:17

J Fleming


Marketing and Advertising has been her game, but she soon found she had bigger passions. Moving from Oklahoma to Kansas City to finally Dallas, Jenny started to wonder what her true calling was when the corporate world was unfulfilling, albeit entertaining. 

It was after her third move that she started working in-house at a Christian non-profit in their marketing department. Steadily her thirst for God grew, and she was starting to believe in something greater. Not simply know, but believe.

But reality, or rather God, comes knocking at the strangest times... In 2013 she had to have an emergency appendectomy - a seemingly normal operation, until the surgeon met her post-surgery to quietly say, "it looks like cancer."

Two long weeks of waiting, lots of prayer, lots of searching, and lots of promises, Jenny found out she escaped the dreaded diagnosis no one wants to hear or experience. More tests revealed "something questionable," but not cancer. (So basically, she's an X-men or something.)

The scare was short lived but defining.

Call it a mistake, a miracle or a message, her faith grew and she knew she had no time to waste. She started to chip away at figuring out God's plan for her life by praying for more than a year about her purpose. She then met David and the Lord put the pieces together - helping young adults find God's purpose is part of her purpose. She's never felt more comfortable in God's unknown plan, no matter what surprise is next.

Special shout out to Jenny's husband, Zac, who continues to support her big dreams and love her unconditionally. Guiding verse:  2 Timothy 1:7.