Welcome to the abandon experience

It's finally time!

We've chosen candidates, and out of thousands you made it. You're so close to being in the experiment - let's finally make it a reality!


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Join us in Denver, Colorado!

Where the mountain air and sunshine rays are the only alarm clock you will need!

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October 16-20, 2019.

That’s a Wednesday to a Sunday! Be prepared to leave early Wednesday morning as it’s usually around Noon that the group meets up for the first time! On the day of departure- the last time we will be together as a group is around Noon also!

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The $833 your includes incredible lodging, all your food, a few excursions during the week, all your purpose activities, and individualized mentoring.

Travel to and from the location is not covered.


Next Steps….

Step 1: Read the Trip Details' above and check out the More General Information to get all your questions answered!

Step 2: Officially ENROLL (by clicking the APPLY button below)! All you have to do is secure your spot with a $33 deposit! You will then be contacted and welcomed to the Three to Abandon family! They will set up a payment plan that works for you for the remaining $800.00. Fund-raising coaching/resources are also available!

The OFFICIALLY ENROLL button below is password protected (not just anyone is ready for this- we chose you).

Use the password liveonpurpose and then select the $33 deposit option!

Your group is Denver Group 1- October 16-20, 2019.


February 19, 2019 is the very last day you can officially in enroll in the experiment.

You told us the date ranges and locations that work best for you, and after looking at many candidates we felt called to offer you a spot.

So what's stopping you?

If it's got anything to do with fear, doubt or insecurity, that's exactly what this experiment is meant to tackle.

Come with us, uncover your purpose. 

Let's do this. 

If you have any additional questions- send us an email at info@threetoabandon.com. 

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