Welcome to the abandon experience

It's finally time!

We've chosen candidates, and out of thousands you made it. You're so close to being in the experiment - let's finally make it a reality!


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Join us in Denver, Colorado!

Where the mountain air and sunshine rays are the only alarm clock you will need!

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October 16-20, 2019.

That’s a Wednesday to a Sunday! Be prepared to leave early Wednesday morning as it’s usually around Noon that the group meets up for the first time! On the day of departure- the last time we will be together as a group is around Noon also!

LOCATION_ ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA DATES_ APRIL 17-21, 2019 COST_ $833 (this includes incredible lodging, all your food, all your purpose activities, and individualized mentoring) Travel to and from the location is not-9.png


The $933 your includes incredible lodging, all your food, a few excursions during the week, all your purpose activities, and individualized mentoring.

Travel to and from the location is not covered.

The Experience:  October 16-20, 2019 Wednesday - Sunday

Your group will travel to a private location around Denver, Colorado to experience incredible things during 5 solid days.

The goal? to guide you through abandoning what limits you in order to unearth and pursue your life's purpose. We will use discussionsgroup activities, and analysis of spiritual gifts and personality factors to really dig deeper and understand what's ahead for you in the future. These exercises will highlight how you're uniquely made, and explore how life experiences contribute to that. In understanding these things, we will begin to see the purposes God has for you! These methods have been tested, reviewed by experts, and have lead to incredibly successful transformations for others who've done an Abandon Experience!

There will be no more than 5 to 9 group members, including you! Plus, your two-three mentors. So maximum, 12 people total, 8 people at the least going through this process together. We strategically place you with this specific number of people, so that your coaching is the best it can be, so discussions are best they can be, and so you can really get to know your group members.

For lodging, we'll be staying at one location under one roof. On rare occasions, if the group is larger, we may have two homes within walking distance of each other. Guys and gals will be separated if both are present in the group.

For meals, if you have any food allergies, please note them on the Medical Form provided to you by your mentor about a month or two before your experience!

Lastly, about two months before you leave for your experience, the exact location address and any other emergency contact information will be added to this page or given to you individually! That way you can have it and give it to friends or family if they want it. You'll be notified by your mentors when this is available.

Travel Q & A


  • You can fly in to the DENVER, CO Airport. More details coming later.

  • You'll need to fly in before NOON on the first day of your 5-day experience. 

  • You'll need to fly out after 2:30 pm on the last day of your 5-day experience.

  • We recommend booking your flight about 2-3 months in advance of your experience.

  • We also ask that you use carry-on bags ONLY to avoid wasting part of your 5 days trying to find lost checked bags.

  • If you want help booking your flights email info@threetoabandon.com or ask your mentors! They will be already be talking to you about flight about 2-3 months in advance of the trip.


  • If you are within driving distance, we will provide you with the exact address a few weeks before we leave!


Bring your bible, some pens and a journal of some sort. Pack normal clothes that you'll feel comfortable in and consider the season you'll be in when your experience happens. (Spring? bring a jacket. Fall? bring a coat. Summer? shorts are probably a must. etc.) In certain circumstances we may remind you to bring shoes that are comfortable for walking in outside.


As always, you can also email info@threetoabandon.com or text 289-686-8147.

A PIECE OF WISDOM:  Within these next few months and during the trip, we encourage you to walk through this with an open heart and open mind. Quite often, the amazing things God has planned for us are things we never saw coming. Be open to being pleasantly surprised and joyful in what God has for you through this! And because it takes a few months before this trip actually happens, you may need to battle any fears or doubts you have about this trip. After all, those are the very things we're going to finally ABANDON during this trip! So talk to you mentor about it if you are still working through these things leading up to it. That's what they're there for!


Next Steps….

Step 1: Read the Trip Details' above and check out the More General Information to get all your questions answered!

Step 2: Officially ENROLL (by clicking the OFFICIALLY ENROLL button below)! All you have to do is secure your spot with a $33 deposit! You will then be contacted and welcomed to the Three to Abandon family! They will set up a payment plan that works for you for the remaining $900.00. Fund-raising coaching/resources are also available!

The OFFICIALLY ENROLL button below is password protected (not just anyone is ready for this- we chose you).

Use the password liveonpurpose and then select the $33 deposit option!

Your group is Denver Group 1- October 16-20, 2019.


July 1st, 2019 is the very last day you can officially in enroll in the experiment.

You told us the date ranges and locations that work best for you, and after looking at many candidates we felt called to offer you a spot.

So what's stopping you?

If it's got anything to do with fear, doubt or insecurity, that's exactly what this experiment is meant to tackle.

Come with us, uncover your purpose. 

Let's do this. 

If you have any additional questions- send us an email at info@threetoabandon.com. 

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