The Abandon Experience

is a trip dedicated to you and unearthing His purpose for you. Something like a hybrid of a getaway and spiritual retreat, these 4 day experiences were created for Christians looking for a little something new in their life that's God-inspired, purpose-focused, and unique. We're looking to give only 130 people the opportunity to join us in 2017, and a few more in 2018. Apply for free - give us some authentic details about who you are - and see if one of the limited spots has your name on it.

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Date are TBD! Exact dates will be based on the availability you give us when you apply and availability of others who've applied!


We set up the experience in relaxing, unique, and private locations in the U.S. If we offer you a spot, we'll send you the exact location details at that time.



Once you hit the location of your experience, breakfast, lunch and dinner are on us. Imagine homemade deliciousness, borderline gourmet, something your Italian grandma might make.


Forget hotels. This experience is meant to encourage a new-found community, so we'll stay in awesome multi-bedroom abodes and have lots of space to rome and discover.



In-depth analysis of your personality factors and more. Group activities and discussions with no more than 8 -10 people that challenge your heart, mind and soul. One-on-one mentoring and coaching through our highly researched and proven Purpose Guide. A customized game plan on how to become who you're meant to be and chase what you're really called to do.


A  few days of God bringing together a group of very diverse, talented, believers. Catching up on some spiritual R&R. A good balance of a little seriousness and a little humor. And a few solid days of being truly disconnected from the world but truly connected to others around you. Not to mention, learning more about yourself and your life than you ever have before. 



* An incredibly deep understanding of who you are. 

* Clarity on God's purposes for your life and a real game plan for how to start pursuing it all.

* A new found boldness, with the tools to battle  doubt insecurity and fear.

* And so much more.

Sounds pretty incredible right? It's just how God helped us build this thing.


When/if you're chosen, it's just $33 to secure your spot if you accept it! After that, it's $979 - but don't let that scare you. First, you can pay for the experience over time with just 21 payments of $47 to cover your incredible lodging, all your food and all your purpose activities and mentoring. Bonus? If you want to make it even cheaper we offer one-on-one fundraising coaching to cover some of the cost, as well as your flight cost if you need to fly. But first, simply apply for free. The opportunity to discover His purpose for your life doesn't come around every day!


Fill out the form below and tell us about yourself. If you're chosen, we'll notify you within a week and give you the chance to claim your spot.

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Christ-oriented or not. It's also ok if you don't exactly have one. We're looking for all kinds of people with all kinds of dreams.
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