Jenna Barbosa

Jenna Barbosa is not only a board member of Three to Abandon, but also an expert in counseling and coaching - which has served the Three to Abandon community well! 

She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Missouri Baptist University, an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Counseling as well as an Advanced Certificate in Christian Life Coaching from the American Association of Christian Counselor's (AACC) online program, Light University.

Day-to-day, Jenna has taken her education and applied it to being a full-time Life Purpose Coach and Counselor. Her desire is to positively impact others through support roles, direct mentorship and speaking engagements. And with that, as a board member, she's constantly providing guidance, leadership mentoring, and incredible resources to help further our efforts surrounding purpose!

Currently, Jenna is also working toward her next degree: a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit Business Administration at Lindenwood University. And on top of it all, she's also writing a book and launching a women's support group around emotional eating called Tenacious Grace

She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ and following God’s call on her life, and enjoys writing, mentoring, traveling, and simply spending time with family, friends and her adorable pets.

Check out Tenacious Grace and True Vine Christian Services to take a more in-depth look at how Jenna is continuing to impact the world around her in addition to being a true asset to Three to Abandon board!