Becki Kostesky

Meet the Mom of Three to Abandon, Becki. Her journey with Three to Abandon started just like yours- as an Abandon participant! Fast forward three years and Becki is fearlessly abandoning what limits her.. most of the time anyways (we all have those days where we just Netflix and eat chocolate right??!) and leading this Experiment called Three to Abandon… And she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Three to Abandon has changed the projection of my life.

Never did I think that at 27 years old I would be running a non-profit organization! It’s crazy what happens in life when you toss out all your expectations and let God create a new story.

But let’s rewind to the year 2015… “The Dress” debate was taking the internet by storm #Teamblueandblack, Tom Brady and Deflatgate happened, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were still dating, and I was living an ordinary life. On January 3rd, 2015, I decided to make a cliche New Years resolution (don't hate… we all secretly make them and yes I was a few days late..when have I ever been early?).

A year of saying yes.

Little did I know it would land me here, but am I ever glad it did.

I went on an Abandon Experience to Bolivia in the summer of 2015.

When this random Instagram account followed me, I decided to apply to this Experiment… learning to abandon fear doubt and insecurity to chase after who God created me to be.

I was tired of meeting adults who had no idea what they wanted their life to be about! They were wandering around aimlessly when they could be changing the world! It really struck a chord with me, to not become that and to help others do the same!

How has your new-found perspective on purpose, abandoning, and everything in between, affected your life today?

That everyday I have the choice to embrace it, explore it, ignore it or change it, and does that choice help myself/others to experience the life changing message that is Jesus.

What advice would you give someone considering an Abandon Experience and looking to discover their purpose?

Life is short- stop overthinking, get on a airplane and join an abandon experience and don't look back! I promise you won't regret it.

life purpose three to abandon experience

What is your absolute favorite part of it all?

The deep instant connection that this group of complete strangers develops instantly. 

The most challenging part?

For each of us to stop searching for something, and to start creating something.

The most rewarding part?

Seeing abandoners stop being afraid of what could go wrong and to start being excited about what God can do right!

What are some personal goals you hope to achieve in the near future with your purpose in mind?

I hope to continue working with Three to Abandon. I would also love to Travel to other parts of the world in order bring the Gospel there with a group of friends or like minded individuals! I love to see and help people become equipped to make a difference!

A little more about Becki:

Becki describes herself as: Spontaneous, Informal. Realistic. Adventurer. Straight-shooter! In a normal day, she's either busy showing houses to "the best clients in the world" in the Ontario, CA area, playing hockey, or teaching her nieces to how to get into trouble!

She lives by the idea that, "When I am meant to die, I’ll die, doesn't matter if I am bungee jumping in Tanzania or laying on the couch watching Netflix at home, so I may as well make my life epic!"  #TrueAdventurer #Faith