Edmund Hoyle

Describe your Abandon Experience in a couple words!

Wild, strengthening, relaxation

Why did you decide to apply for The Abandon Experience?

I signed up for the Abandon Experience because I really needed a change in my life from what I was doing, plain and simple.

What was your absolute favorite part of it all?

Definitely the realization that it wasn’t just me that felt that way [about life and my purpose] and that I needed to do something about it but didn’t know how.

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What advice would you give to others considering an Abandon Experience and looking to discover their purpose?

Jump for it.  Be honest with yourself and ask what is it that you actually have to lose by doing this?  You’ll be thankful that you realize that you have so much to gain instead.

Is there a specific funny, moving, entertaining, moment you remember that's worth sharing?

We were sitting in a giant circle around a bonfire and using a single word to describe each other, and the most amazing thing of it all is realizing how much a single word can speak into your life.

What were you thinking/feeling in the months leading up to your Abandon Experience?

Frustration, anxiety, excitement

How has your new-found perspective on purpose, abandoning, and everything in between, affected your life today?

It’s given me a new perspective on grace, particularly giving it to myself. Before it was way easy to count myself out before even trying because all the times that I’ve failed in the past

A little more about Ed:

Ed describes himself as: wild, likable, dependable, bearded and caring. In a normal day, he's working at a therapeutic boarding school doing an assortment of activities, like taking kids biking or rock climbing, helping out with homework, and just living right beside them as they go through life.

Some of his favorite words to live by include:

“To indulge in selfishness is to hate community, and in turn, hate the most human part of ourselves.”

“Failure is an option.”

“Use what you got to make what you need.”