Dina Dinh

Why did you decide to apply for The Abandon Experience?

I was going through a rough time in my relationship with the Lord. I felt like I was hitting a dead end and I really needed that time and structure to remember my calling.

Describe your Abandon Experience in 3 words!


What was the most challenging part of your experience?

Oddly enough, it was opening up to people. I was going through such an introverted stage of life and I had really closed off to new people. It was challenging opening up to my team, but once I did it was the most rewarding thing. 

What advice would you give to others considering an Abandon Experience and looking to discover their purpose?

Come ready to open up and pour yourself out. This experience will only help you if you become willing and submitted to the process. Know that God wants to work through you by working with you. 

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Is there a specific funny, moving, entertaining, moment you remember that's worth sharing?

One of my favorite moments is when we had finished taking our personality tests and our leaders had a bunch or questions to test our personality and show us why we thought how we did. We all got into some heated/hilarious arguments. 

How has your new-found perspective on purpose, abandoning, and everything in between, affected your life today?

It makes it so much easier to focus on my calling and my purpose of what God has called me into. When I think of my plans or what my next step is, it is easier for me to see if it aligns with my purpose and makes it easier to decide on what to do. 

What were you thinking/feeling in the months leading up to your Abandon Experience?

Honestly, my anxiety wanted to take over and I wanted to not go in general. I was so scared and so hurt that I became fearful of letting people in. But I am so glad that God shifted my heart's position on it. 

What was your absolute favorite part of it all?

Making friends with such an amazing group of people and sharing our testimonies of where God brought us from. 

A little about Diana:

Diana describes herself as: bubbly, fighter, determined, compassionate, servant. In a normal day, she's usually at work helping people but on her days off she tries to do something creative whether it's writing or painting. You can also usually find her with a cup of coffee or chai in her hand and checking out new/good restaurants in her hometown or elsewhere.

Some of her favorite words to live by are:  "Creation was never meant to fulfill you, the Creator was" - Pastor Benny Perez