Jenny Fleming

Are you wondering how this whole Three to Abandon thing came to be?

Well, you're in the right place!

Meet Jenny- the brilliant mind behind the founding of Three to Abandon.

Do you ever look back and realize your road to a big life milestone actually started long before you even knew what was happening? Like when you really think about all the components, all the moments, the things you believed to be irrelevant...  you realize all of it ended up being a part of something really grand? 

No? Maybe?

Well, that's a big-picture view of Jenny's story.

Since Jenny was a young girl, she had big dreams, a strong personality, and very different ideas that she just didn't know how to chase or embrace. 

So naturally, as she got older she channeled all of this personal dichotomy and uncertainty into a career in Marketing and Advertising. But of course, this perceived freedom would be short-lived.

After moving around a lot, having many different roles, she knew the corporate life was unfulfilling, albeit entertaining.

She started to wonder what her true calling was, and this thought would continuously come back around, whispering to her soul, as if someone were gently tapping her on the shoulder.

Eventually, she started working with a Christian non-profit in their creative department. Steadily her thirst for a deeper relationship with Christ grew. She was also starting to believe her talents finally held meaning! Finally, she was using what God gave her - her weird ideas, her strategic mindset, her creativity - for the greater good. How grand! 

But yet again, that job satisfaction only lasted for so long, and yet again she was asking God "is this really what you would have me do with my life? Is this what I'm meant for?"

She started to chip away at figuring out God's plan for her life, her purpose. Very intentionally.

But just like Rome wasn't built in a day, it took a while for her to discover the purpose God had for her, and she prayed for more than a year on that topic specifically. 

Finally, a year later, the first thing He told her to do in pursuit of the purpose for her life, after all of this mess and all this time, was simply "Do." 

That's it. And there she was. She was both excited yet unsure. His message was so...   vague.

After processing for a bit, her response was just as short as his message to her. "Ok,"

It was then she realized that she had not ever in her life actually been living in pursuit of her calling or her purpose because she hadn't actually been chasing it. She wasn't actually DOING anything bigger or more daring than just her day-to-day job in order to find it.

News flash: you do not find your purpose in the comfort of the norm.

It was all coming back around for her now, full circle. He gave Jenny a diverse - and at times contradicting - toolkit of talents and strengths, so that she might use it all to seek and find.

She didn't know where she was headed day-to-day, but she knew, every moment during that time period, that God had her going somewhere specific. There was no stopping it. And she had no doubt or fear about it. That's when Three to Abandon bloomed.

Little did she know, helping others find God's purpose would be part of her purpose today. It has all led to this.

This is a non-profit organization that has engaged hearts and souls from people all over the U.S. , Canada and beyond, that's helping them find out who they really are and who they're really meant to become.

What will happen next? We have absolutely no idea! What we do know, is that right now, people are finding hope and finding their purpose through this organization. We kid you not - Jenny's crazy journey to purpose has paved the way for you if you are willing to simply explore it. 

I hope this portion of Jenny's life story has inspired you to get up and chase what God has for your life and abandon anything that's held you back so far.

If you start that journey with us, great. If it's through some other avenue, great.

Either way, let's do it. You're going to look back and some point like Jenny, and it's all going to make sense.

Where is Jenny now? 

Currently residing in Texas, Jenny and her husband Zac, are expecting their first child in October 2018. From 2015-2018, Jenny had been the creator, dreamer and builder of Three to Abandon.

We are so thankful for Jenny's unique PURPOSE! Our community wouldn't exist if she had let insecurity, doubt or fear get the best of her. One of Jenny's main purposes is now focusing on being the best mom a kid could have (and if we are being honest, the Three to Abandon community is a little jealous of the new lil babe who gets her love and affection).

From the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU! Thank you for creating, dreaming, living and breathing God's purpose for your life. 

- Guiding verse:  2 Timothy 1:7 -